Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No new pics yet, but I should have something in the next week or two. I had to cancel my last tattoo appointment because there was a scheduling conflict with Starlight Tattoo's Annual Tattoo Expo. Horizakura had commited to working there over the weekend alongside his teacher, Horitoshi. Having never been to a tattoo convention, I was curious to see what the fuss was about and decided to stop by on Saturday. I got there a bit late and missed the "Best Back Piece" competition (I wanted to see it, but not to compete). But, I did get to meet Horitoshi briefly when Shinji called me over to show off his work. I also got a chance to see one of Horitoshi's most well known tattoos, a full body suit of dragons and flowers which I've seen in several tattoo books and magazines (see issue 2 of "NIHON DENTOH SHISEI" for a good article on Horitoshi in Japanese, from the same folks who publish "Tattoo Burst"). I wish I'd bought my camera! The Horitoshi family had a good size booth setup and were working on people there. I was glad I had declined moving my appointment to the convention center - there was a large crowd gathered watching and I would have been quite uncomfortable.