Sunday, March 09, 2008

My right side is finally done. During my last session we finished off the color inside the koi on my ribs. At my next session we will be doing some touch-up work on my back, for the most part trying to fix a few areas where the red did not take. Although it will be a pleasant change from getting my torso tattooed, the back is no picnic, especially the second time around.
Speaking of my back, I was able to get a copy of the February '08 issue of Skin and Ink. When Shinji told me they had a "big" picture of me, I didn't think he meant a full page picture! Now I can proudly say I've had a full page nude photo of me in a Larry Flint publication. I also like that my sweet tribal armband is forever immortalized there. Doh!
In other news, on Friday I went to check out some art at Saved Tattoo here in Brooklyn and had the pleasure of meeting John Reardon. He immediately recognized my sleeve as Horizakura's work and came over to chat with me. After a few minutes of trying to compare Horizakura tattoos (John's upper left arm was done by him) without taking off more clothes than would be appropriate in public, John said "You know..I think there is a picture of you in my book!" He pulled out a copy of his Complete Idiots Guide to Getting a Tattoo and sure enough, there I was in the section on Japanese tattoo! John was nice enough to give me a copy of his book, I'd recommend checking it out if you are thinking about getting a tattoo but don't really know where to start.
Yesterday someone asked me, "Isn't it a little weird to find out you are in a book or magazine? Shouldn't they be asking your permission?" Actually, I'm OK with it. It's not a picture of me really, it's a picture of Horizakura's art work. He should be able to display it wherever he likes. I wouldn't even have a picture of it published outside of this website without asking him first.