Saturday, November 24, 2007

These pics are of work done over a month ago, on 10/7/07. I did a bit of traveling (New Orleans for Halloween) and so did Shinji, so my appointments have been irregular. Hopefully I can get back on track soon.
Instead of finishing the background, Shinji decided to work in color. As you can see, most of the leaves on my right arm now now filled in with either red or orange. My skin doesn't like red ink very much but it seems to have taken better this time. No problems at all with the orange, although color in general takes a bit longer to heal.
We started to discuss colors for the koi, but we did not reach a decision. Maybe blue? Originally we dicussed maybe a kohaku coloring scheme, but now we're having doubts about such a large area of white ink - I'm not sure it would look good.
We're getting really close to finishing the right side of my body, so I'm already thinking about the left side. Perhaps in another four sessions we will start that, that's only two months!
More pics soon, my last session was a few days ago and it should be healed enough to take pictures within a week.