Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Apologies for the lack of updates, unfortunately there just isn't a whole lot to report.  Shinji is in Japan getting his visa sorted, and until then I'm just holding tight and hoping we can finish up this project soon.
Recently I met up with Adrian Lee of Bloodwork: Sleeves fame for a photo shoot.  He's working on a new book entitled "Bloodwork: Bodies" that's out in October of 2011.  If the pictures turn out well then I'll be in that book,  but even if I'm not, I'm curious to check out it out as the previous book looks amazing. Photographer Max Dolberg was also there making the camera go click-click and being very patient with me. Two very nice cats, best of luck to them on the book! 
Thanks to the folks at New York Adorned for the color pic, nabbed from their blog here. They also hosted Adrian's shoots while in NYC. The b&w pic is from Adrian's page.