Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope you had a pleasant New Year! I also had a birthday in there, so the past month has been one of many festivities. These pics are from work done at the end of December. I have a series of appointments starting this week, so I hope to have more regular updates for at least a little while. The bottom edge of my left sleeve is now starting to take shape. I'm glad he's starting with the shading on my arm as the imbalance between and the left and right sides of my body is particularly noticeable there.
One of my Christmas gifts this year was a copy of "Under Way Is The Only Way" by Grime and Horitaka, which I previously mentioned here. I found the book very good and I'd definitely recommend it. Aside from the great pictures, there are interviews with each artist that are in-depth and go a long way towards exposing a more personal side of the artists. I learned a lot of interesting things about Horizakura in there. Funny that after years of regular appointments I hardly know the guy, but I guess that's not too surprising considering neither one of us is very chatty. (Plus I always thought it was a bit rude to talk his ear off while he's trying to work).