Thursday, September 21, 2006

Here are the pics. I had to keep the lighting low to avoid glare from the A&D ointment, so the pictures are not as sharp as they could be - sorry. This session was a departure from the norm. In the past, Shinji was very strict about following a certain order: first outline, then background and black shading, then color. This session he decided to do some shading even though the outline is only about 1/4 complete. I wasn't quite sure if this reflected a change in his thinking or had more to do with the availability of his gear. At any rate, tebori was a nice change of pace. The work was concentrated on the bottom right portion of my thigh. As you can see, the new background on the front is starting to be joined to the background on my back. Shinji also did some shading in the water at the top of my thigh and thickened up the lines which form the rock on the left side of my right thigh. I am surprised at the uniformity and crispness of the line he created in the rocks, I imagine this is quite difficult to do by hand.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your tattoo is coming along awsomely. Shinji is a great artist.

I'm thinking about getting half-sleeves done by him sometime next year. I just don't know if I'll have enough time or money to get them (as I live in Arizona!)

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments.

Recently I was contacted by someone who told me he is flying in from Chicago for sessions! I've also spoken with others who do some serious commuting to have work done by Horizakura. Hats off to these folks, now that's what I call commitment!

woodyBatts said...


Hey thanks for writing on the blog. Your work is really beautiful and a few months ago I met with shinji about getting a sleeve done. I jst wanted to thank you for the time you are putting into your blog, and for linking your ukiyo-e.

You still doing the Shorin Kempo?

Mike said...

Glad you're enjoying the blog. Yes, I'm still studying Shorinji Kempo. It's coming along slowly. I'm not 100% clueless any more. Only 98% clueless. ;)

Good luck with the sleeve.