Monday, March 12, 2007

These pics show the work done on 2/25/07. The rocks are now starting to be shaded in, and we also did a little more work on the background. I just had an appontment yesterday so I will try to post more pictures shortly. Also, I just purchased a new camera (a Canon SD 900) so I should be able to produce better pictures for this site. In other news, I'm planning a trip to Japan in May so I'm pretty excited about that. I'll be in Tokyo for Sanja Matsuri! I was hoping to have most of the background on my right side finished by then but I'm doubting that I will have enough time.


woodyBatts said...

Wonderful work you are getting. Finally I'm about to start my sleeve with Shinji...but suddenly I realize that I train in jujitsu/judo and do not know how burdened my training will be.

You spoke before about studyng martial arts, was your training hindered at all with healing? We perform a lot of falls and rolls, do you think that would be detrimental while the work has "scabbed" over?

Mike said...

Good luck with the tattoo. I think you'll find that this does impact your training, but how much depends on your body, how often you train, and what soft of techniques you do. I find that usually after two days I'm OK to resume training, but I may need to go easy on the side where I most recently had work done. I don't find that falls and rolls (if done correctly) are a problem. Certainly blocking strikes and accepting grabs on fresh tattoo is worse, but I'm usually able to even do that (lightly) within 4 days of a tattoo.