Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here are two pics from my 8/5 session. My back is now connected to the front via the sholder, and the outline of the right side is quite clear on the top portion of my chest. The distinctive munewari shape is finally coming into focus. I thought getting tattooed around my collarbone would hurt more than it did, it actually wasn't so bad. At the last session we also discussed doing some touch-up work to a few areas on my back either to minimize areas of cover-up or to try again on places where the color didn't take very well the first time. There are definitely some places where my skin was not very receptive to the red ink in particular.

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A Friend Called 5 said...

I just got to say how amazing it is to see your bodysuit evolving. I think your latest work looks fantastic. I'm slowly getting my bodysuit completed so I know the time and dedication it takes to get this far. Look forward to seeing yours finished.