Thursday, January 24, 2008

Howdy folks. Here are some pictures from 1/23/08. The only thing left to shade in now is the koi in the right-center of my torso. We started it yesterday, and it's a tough spot. Shinji told me that speaking with a few others, they agree it's the worst to sit through. So naturally, my appointment last night was no fun. But I'm very excited to begin outlining the left side of my body. You'll notice the last session was just coloring in odds and ends all over the place. It's a little annoying to have fresh work in many different spots, but luckily I usually heal fairly quickly. Don't know if you can tell, but the green in the leaf near my right hip sort of bled into the gray underneath it. I've got sensitive skin and that's a spot that is particularly so. I've seen it happen in other spots but this is larger and since this is a bright color it's a little more noticable. We may need to go in and do some touch-up over the gray later.

Also, I saw this article in the NYTimes today you might be interested in. It discusses the recent popularity of temporary tattoos. I've certainly seen a lot of these lately. I really got a laugh out of the Miami Ink brand cloth "sleeves" I saw people wearing on Halloween, too funny.

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