Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it's been three months since I posted any pictures. Unfortunately, I haven't had much new work done in that time. I've been forced to cancel more appointments due to being broke. And I'm afraid it's not going to get better anytime soon - at the end of December I'm getting laid off from my job. I'm sure I'll find a way to finish the tattoo may take longer than I expect.

At any rate, here are some pics of the completed left side outline.

I believe at my next appointment we'll start shading in my left arm.

As Cameron pointed out, there's a new book out entitled "Underway is the only way" by Horitka with an interview with Horizakura. I'm very curious to see a copy, especially since a picture of my tatoo is in it, but I've heard the first edition is already sold out. There should be a second edition out in Spring '09.


Cameron said...


Definitely a bummer to hear about the job! Its good to hear that you aren't giving up on the suit. I've read that most body suit clients give up before they finish. I had a couple of questions for you: Do you tip Shinji after each session? Does Shinji shade windbars and water pretty fast? Im trying to figure out how many sessions of shading I'm going to need (for a little less than a half-sleeve) and I'm only doing this because I live very far away, making it difficult to just swing in for a session. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks.


Mike said...

Hi Cameron,

Yes, it's customary to tip your tattoo artist for a job well done - I'd recommend it if you can afford it. Shinji can give you a better time estimate than I could but... maybe four or five two hour sessions? Clients that have to travel usually sit for longer sessions, so perhaps he could bang it out in three longer ones (1 outline and 2 shading).

Your skin is not going anywhere, Shinji is not going I'm sure you'll work it out with a little patience.

Pyrrhus Darwin Castello said...

So sorry to hear about your job! Sucks. Im kinda in the same situation. Its hard for me to get a real paying job from the museum I trainee at, therefore havent even started on my own tattoo project :( Really sucks. Havent been tattooed in like 4 years. Maybe more. Straining to think about tattoos everyweek, everyday, look at them, read about them, but not get tattooed yourself...

Stay strong man! Work looks GREAT!