Monday, February 22, 2010

After a long lag, here are the latest pics. You'll note we did some work on my left torso, attaching to my back and creeping up towards my armpit. We've basically run out of pleasantly places to tattoo, so I know what to expect going in - a few hours of arrg.
I found out the other day that New York Adorned has a fancy new iPhone app which showcases work from the shop. Guess who's ass is prominently featured? Yup, yours truly. I'm glad they photoshopped out my old tattoo which you can still see in those pics before my arms were covered. Tribal armband FTW! Hah.

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TylerDurden said...

Nice progress man, always enjoy seeing your progress. I'm pretty excited I got an appointment with Chris for April, hopefully I will get to see Shinji do a little work too.