Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here's a great article with tons of old school Japanese tattoo pictures and some wonderful insights from artist Horihide.


MM said...

Hi Mike, it's good to see you updating the blog again. It's been a while.

im in the process of getting my back done and on my last session i was tattooed on my ribs which made me whining like a baby =p

since you have been tattooed in a lot of places, which part do you think is the most painful one?

kind regards,


Mike Crash said...

Most painful? Hmm..the only time I had too end the session early was when my backside was getting outlined. Especially the part near the bottom where your butt and leg meet..ouch! Also, in the pelvic area and close to the armpit is no good. I hear behind the knee, the middle of the armpit, and the tops of your feet are pretty painful, but I have no experience there.