Monday, June 07, 2010

A few things:

  • Here's a great tattoo blog I read occasionally, and I was reminded of it again today when they gave this blog a mention: Needles And Sins. Why can't I come up with a catchy name like that? Another difference is it's regularly updated and covers a variety of topics. So check it out! Today's post talks about some big changes at Adorned.
  • I've said it before, but really folks - there's a pretty big difference between a cannabis leaf and a japanese maple leaf.  For those who rarely get a chance to look at the stuff before smoking it, I've put together a handy visual aid. 

I have a tattoo appointment today, wonder what we'll work on?


Miyamoto Musashi said...

I just saw Marisa's post a few minutes ago and was stoked to actually see you in there man! Can't think of anyone more deserving! congrats

JD said...

There is also a difference between a pot leaf and a bamboo leaf. Guess those that get them mixed up, never took any Botany classes.