Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hiya Folks,
Been a busy month for me, but here's the down and dirty:
The tattoo is progressing nicely. We spent one session filling in some leaves orange on my forearm and my tricep.  Wow, a little bit of color on my arm changes everything!

We also worked on the koi on my torso some more, filling it in with more black and gray. Next time, we'll put some color in there.
I stopped by the NYC Tattoo convention a few weeks ago, and actually had a better time than I expected.  I got to chat with Mike McCabe about his "Tattoos of Indochina" book. He signed my copy afterwards.  Nice dude!
Signed, you can have my copy for $1,000,000 USD
Oh, and here's a related article that came up today on the Needles and Sins blog about an effort in Thailand to crack down on religious tattoo tourism. Interesting stuff.
Speaking of Needles and Sins, while at the convention I finally got a chance to meet Marisa Kakoulas. She's the primary contributor / blog queen round those parts of the web. It was nice to harass her in person instead of just on Twitter for a change. (follower her here and while you're at it, follow me too here.)
Shinji was hanging around the convention despite the lack of an offical New York Adorned presence, and he was nice enough to introduce me to Bill and Junii of Diamond Club Tattoo Studio in San Fran. Good people!
That's Junii on the right, sporting a Horitoshi suit! Pic is not mine, pulled from flickr
I spent most of the convention sitting at the bar, people watching.  Pretty damn entertain stuff.  Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Looking great as always.
I couldn't agree with you more about Junii and Bill.
I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with them about a year ago.
They are the definition of Good People.
I had my marathon sessions since I last wrote.
Six rounds in two weeks resulted in my entire right leg being about ninety percent lined and shaded.
It also looked like a swollen Italian Mortadella for weeks !
Its pretty nuts even by my standards, but I don't have the kind of frequent flier miles to get me to and fro to Europe for more sensibly scheduled appointments.
Shiji stopped by on one of the days....he was very encouraging.
I'm happy for you that you're getting so close to finishing must be excited.
Keep at it, and be well,

M.Benedict said...

Looking great! I am trying to get a hold of Shinji if you could email his info for the new studio that would be great.