Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the Spring 2012 issue of i-D Magazine, hitting newsstands now! I joked with Carolyn Murphy that I was more than happy to be an uncredited armrest in this photo-shoot, but it's true.  Some cool pics in this series by Iango Henzi and Daniele Duella , everything seemed very promising from what I saw in the studio.  Hopefully I can get my hands on a hard-copy soon.


Stray said...

This is kind of random but I also having been getting a body suit done. I was wondering what your thoughts on have a smaller munewari is. Do you think it goes against tradition to have this? I have a very narrow munewari but then again some do not have one at all and just fill the chest completely.

My Regards,

Here's is a photo of mine.

Mike Crash said...

"Munewari" means chest dividing, so I suppose as long as there is some space it fits the description. As to the width of the division...probably just a matter of personal taste. It varies, you can get a sense of the normal variance but checking out a few books. Does that answer your question?

Stray said...

Yea thanks.

JP said...

Do you happen to have any updated/recent info. regarding Shinji Horizakura? From what I read from one of your earlier posts [May 2010] he was on the verge of opening his own studio? Does he still work at NY Adorned?

I ask because I put my name on a waitlist with them almost a year ago and have been told now that it may be another year. From what I understand by looking online, he appears to currently be traveling to conventions outside of the U.S. Any info. would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Jason said...

Did you ever post a link to an interviwer asking a psychologist about why people get large tattoos and what their psych makeup us described as? Not sure if you posted it, or I saw it somewhere else. If you have it can you forward it to me. Thanks. J

Mike Crash said...

JP - sorry for the super delayed response, but Shinji's back at NY Adorned and can be contacted via the shop.

Jason - no, don't believe I've seen that. Share it if you find it!