Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So what is munewari? Munewari (literally "chest dividing") is a tattoo style which covers the front of the torso while leaving the center of the chest untouched. The grey areas in the illustration to the left represent tattoo. The shape is meant to conceal the tattoo when traditional clothing such as a kimono is worn. As a matter of practicality, I confess the shape has become an anachronism. You're not likely to see many folks in kimono outside of the rare formal occasion. But the style is unique to Japanese tattoo and I think quite stunning visually, which no doubt has contributed to it's longevity - it is still a commonly tattooed style. This shape will connect to the border of my existing back piece - imagine my current tattoo "growing" around the sides of my torso and towards the middle of my chest. Note the shout out in the picture to one of my favorite anime movies...I couldn't resist.

Munewari style broadly defines the outlines of the tattoo on the torso, but there are many options which still need to be considered. Will there be sleeves, and it so, how long will they be? What length and shape will the tattoo take on the legs? In what style will the border of the background be drawn? More on those things as they come into focus.

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