Monday, June 15, 2009

In response to Ryan's question in the previous post - I don't believe Horizakura has his own website aside from his section on the NY Adorned site. I'll have to ask him next time I see him. I did however come across this set of pictures (appears to have been taken when Shinji still worked out of the 2nd ave location) and this site that has an awesome t-shirt he designed. I just noticed my picture is in the background of the second site - that darn pic pops up all over the place!


Cameron said...


In regards to a website for shinji, you are correct in saying that he doesn't have one. I've spent coutless hours scouring the internet for any sign of a website, and for any information on the Horitoshi family. As you can imagine, there is little to none. However, i think you're familiar with Horimitsu's blog ( There is also Akilla aka Horiyamato (, and Horiharu ( who's site is a little difficult to navigate. I hope this helps Ryan get an idea of the Horitoshi Family.
I really wish shinji would start a blog, but does he do 2+ customers a day?

BTW, the ink looks good as always!


P.S. That shirt is pretty cool, he threw me one at my last session, and i've been wearing it proudly.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the quick respone, I will def check those sites out. Keep up the posts!

Ryan said...

Those are pretty cool shirts, they didn't have a Medium in Shinji's, but I ordered Chris O'Donnell's Cobra shirt...