Sunday, July 04, 2010

Here are a few shots of the latest work.  It's been a month since I was last tattooed and I'm still not fully healed! Yes, my healing time is a little slower these days, but I think the main issue this time is the area in question is constantly rubbing against my jeans and being irritated. If I had to do it over, I would have worn a bandage for a few days.  That or not wear pants for a week - although, that tactic may not go over well with my neighbors. ;)
Is it strange that I'm often unable to answer questions regarding the details of my tattoo?  If someone asks me, "What exactly is tattooed on your left thigh?",  I usually can't remember.  I guess it's because I don't spend a whole lot of time looking at it, and I didn't really participate in the design process other than in the broadest sense (along the lines of "Yup, more koi and maple leaves sounds good.")

Question of the week, from random guy at the beach:

"Yo! Yo! Yooooo! How much that tattoo cost?" 
"A lot" 
"Yeah, but how much?!" 
"A lot"

Gotta love the classy folks at Coney Island.

Next session: will the background be completed? Could happen, we're pretty damn close.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I've been meaning to chime in for the last few months, especially after your "Anniversary Overview".
It coincided with the near completion of my suit and set in motion a lot of reflection of my own experiences along the way.

I would like to acknowledge that your blog over the last four years has played a tremendous part in the process for me personally.
Because of my choice not to ever display the work I received to the public; in short order that decision created a somewhat artificial sense of isolation.
Through your postings you have in no small way provided me with a touchstone of sorts that simply doesn't exist in any other part of my day to day world.

As of this writing, my intended suit is completed.
It wasn't supposed to work out that way, but Marcos circumstances demanded it.
For the last few months, we both committed to a session once or twice weekly.
From that pace to full on stop, and goodbyes has been somewhat surreal and sad in equal measure.
My body still thinks it has to head to the train station on certain days out of reflex action.
Its been an incredible experience so far, and I wouldn't trade a second of it.
Now, I really need examine if I want to make pilgrimages to Europe for a set of leg sleeves !
I do have a passport !

Enjoy your journey, and thank you


Mike Crash said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm so happy to hear you've completed the tattoo (for now at least). Congrats! Once or twice a week hmm...don't think I could do it, but you never know what is possible until you try (or are forced into it ;).