Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh yes - the outline is completed! Bring on the color! Not fully healed, but I'm just too excited to wait. The only downside of this latest tattoo session is not being able to swim during some of the hottest weather in recent memory. ;)


Anonymous said...

congratulations mike; i've been followiing your blog since you started on this adventure; you must be so delighted with the result, it's inspiring to the rest of us too.

Jason said...

It was nice to hear Shinji is opening up his new shop. I havent had any work done on my back in years. Looking back in hindsight I always thought it would be completed. Maybe one day. You will have to send me or post his new address. Remember those brief days at 55Tattoo? Going on 4 shops now, hopefully this will be the last.